New North America management!

The Zemlinsky Quartet would like to announce a change in its contact list:
the new management for North America is now Christina Daysog Concert Artists!

The recent manager of Zemlinsky Quartet, Todd Stanton, decided to reduce its activities in the area of managing artists. For three decades Stanton Consulting has provided services to both for- and non-profit organizations as well as management services to selected artists. From July 1, 2016 forward the company will focus on consulting endeavors and cease most of artist representation. The Zemlinsky Quartet would like to express gratitude towards Todd Stanton and to say big thanks for the years we worked together! We played number of fine concerts in USA and Canada in the past years, including a performance on the Strad instruments in the Washington Library of Congress, the great festival in Tucson or three visits of Hawaii, and we always enjoyed the cooperation with Todd very much. Dear Todd, all the best to you and to your next projects!!!

We believe that the cooperation with our new management, Christina Daysog Concert Artists, will bring more successful and enjoyable appearances in the North America. As its director, Christina Daysog, has been working in the field of managing artists for a long time, we expect that this new project would result in a row of excellent concerts and masterclasses, and in a very nice and enjoyable work in the following years! Dear Christina, we are looking forward!!!

Christina Daysog Concert Artists
PO Box 529
Alameda, CA 94501
Phone: (510) 769-1640